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This is the fifth board.  The board meets normally at least twice a year.  The Board comprises of the following members:

  • Hon. Bakari Mbonde   Chairman – Public Sector
  • Ester Makwaiya  Member – VPO
  • Alesi Libenanga  Member – Representative of Women
  • Eng. Lewanga Tesha  Member – TANESCO
  • Abeid Mwasajone  Member – TCCIA
  • Amiri Kivambe  Mufindi Tea
  • Eng. Marco Bernad Mfugale Member – Domestic Water Users
  • Eng. Peter Kweka Zonal Irrigation Engineer
  • Lister Kongola  Member – Ministry of Water and Irrigation
  • Willie J.B.N. Mwaruvanda Secretary – Basin Water Officer


The Rufiji Basin Water Office is situated in Iringa Municipality in Iringa Region. There are five field offices in Iringa, Dodoma, Utete (Rufiji District), Ifakara (Kilombero District) and Rujewa (Mbarali District).

The operations of RBWO are manned by a technical and supporting staff. 
At present the office has the following staff:-

  • Basin Water Officer
  • Hydrologist
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Hydrogeologist
  • Community development officers
  • Technicians
  • Accountant
  • Supplies officer
  • Secretary
  • Drivers

According to the Water law, the Basin Water Boards are financially and administratively autonomous bodies.  The Water Officer is the Secretary to the Rufiji Basin Water Board.