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RBWO operates from the funds collected from water users in terms of user fees. The Ministry has on some occasions allocated funds to RBWO for the recurrent expenditure and on a few cases for development expenditure.
The funds are collected and utilized for the operational costs, community awareness campaigns, assisting water users in the construction of control gates and rehabilitation of water works, source protection activities and for running of some monitoring network stations.


The main functions of the office include the following:

  • Monitoring of water uses including the operations of the Mtera and Kidatu dams.
  • Monitoring of the Water Resources (availability and quality)
  • Prepare basin Water resources management plans, projects budgets and an implementation strategy
  • Integrate district plans into basin water resources management plans
  • Approve, issue and revoke water use and discharge permits
  • Conflict resolutions
  • Holding stakeholder meetings
  • Researches pertaining of Water Resources Utilization and Regulation
  • Administration of the water utilization (Control & Regulation) law in the basin including collection of various water user fees.
  • To educate and mobilize water users on matters concerning water resources management (its legal aspects and participatory aspects).
  • Make liaison with other relevant sectors on Water Resources Management.
  • Provide guidelines and standards for construction and maintenance of water sources structures
  • Any other Water Resources Management issues in the basin

Since its establishment the office has been engaged in, among other activities, the monitoring of water abstractions and uses and collection of data from water resources monitoring stations in the whole Rufiji River Basin.  Data on reservoir characteristics of hydropower generation schemes is also collected. The data include dam water levels, turbine discharges and spills if any.  New water use schemes are also monitored.