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A number of actions and interventions are required to enable RBWO to effectively perform her water resources management functions. It is our goal to strengthen our capacity to rationally allocate water for various water uses in order to balance the ever increasing demands against continually decreasing water resources.

Secondly, establishment of reservoirs and other water storage facilities is important. RBWO shall encourage and develop integrated water resources management in the basin. Towards that end, formation of water management institutions at local sub-catchment and catchment levels shall be promoted. Determination and allocation of environmental flows including restoration of dry season flows to the drying parts of the Great Ruaha River , is one of our major challenges.

Conflict resolution shall continue to be one of our major functions in the future.

Research and studies will continue to be a vital activity for both conservation and development of water resources in our basin. Likewise environmental education shall in the future constitute an important capacity building at all levels.